November business meetings of reinsurers 2018 | Ноябрьские Деловые Встречи перестраховщиков

November business meetings of reinsurers 2018




Invitation to NBM


The XVIII Annual November Business Meetings (NBM) for Reinsurers will take place on November 20-21, 2019 in Moscow.

Venue:   “Novaya Ploschad” Business Center located at: 2, Malyy Cherkasskiy pereulok, Moscow.

The November Business Meetings for Reinsurers are the main business space in Russia where representatives of both Russian and foreign insurance, reinsurance, brokerage companies have the opportunity to meet and negotiate in the space of a couple of days.

Traditionally, these Meetings bring together about 200 participants from Europe, Middle and Central Asia, Near and Far East

The participants are provided with:

  • The comfortable secured territory in the center of Moscow, near the “Lubyanka “subway station.
  • State-of-the-art capabilities for work: high-speed Wi-Fi, computers with Internet capability, printers, scanners.
  • Possibility to book a table and / or zone for meetings and negotiations in advance.

The organizers will provide the list and contacts of participants of the November Meetings in advance to allow viewing and contacting business partners.

On November 21 the Moscow Representative Office of SCOR will organize the annual party "Beaujolais Nouveau" to which all the NBM participants are invited.

The partners of the November Business Meetings for Reinsurers are provided with exclusive conditions and expanded opportunities for participation in the event. 


Conditions of participation



To become a participant of NBM it is necessary to:

  • undergo registration on the website;
  • receive documents via e-mail (within 3 days) and pay a bill.

Day-by-day change of the participants is not an option.


In case of payment prior October 27, 2019 – EUR 470

In case of payment after October 27, 2019 – EUR 560

Meetings and talks


The NBM participants have the opportunity to hold meetings and talks:

  • in free access zones without reservation of a table and a separate zone (see zones 4 and 5 in 2nd floor plan);
  • in VIP zones with reservation during registration (see 1st and 2nd floor plans).

Number of VIP zones is limited!

Reservation fee


Reservation of a table for discussion in zone 2:

2nd floor, tables 1 to 6 (see 2nd floor plan)

Eur 270

Reservation of a table for talks in the "Mandarin" bar:

 1st floor, tables 7 to 14 (see 1st floor plan)

Eur 130

Reservation of a table for talks in the "Mandarin" bar:

1st floor, tables 15 to 19 (see 1st floor plan)

Eur 200

Reservation of a table for talks in the "Mandarin" bar:

1st floor, tables 20 to 23 (see 1st floor plan)

Eur 100



Provided services


  • list of the NBM participants and their contacts:
    - prior to the NBM – via e-mail  after registration fee payment;
    - during the NBM – in Business Zone (2nd floor) in electronic form on a computer;
  • name badge of the NBM participant;
  • opportunity to work in Business Zone (2nd floor) provided with stationary equipment;
  • high-speed Wi-Fi on the 1st и 2nd floors;
  • information and promotional materials, notebooks, writing accessories.


Additional opportunities

To hold an advertising and PR campaign the participants of the event are offered additional services:

  • Demonstration of a company's logo on LCD panels at the venue with the title "NBM 2019 Member"  

Eur 130

  • Placement of a company's banner at the website of the event with the title "NBM 2019 Member"  

Eur 130

  • Placementofadvertisingandinformationmaterialsatthevenue

Eur 100




The NBM participants at the 1st and 2nd floors of the venue will be able to:

  • enjoy tea/coffee in the "non-stop" mode;
  • get drinking water;
  • visit bars at any time;
  • order food on the menu from the "Mandarin" bar.

The participants will be able to pay in the bars either with cash or with payment cards.


All the NBM participants are invited by the SCOR Moscow representative office to the “Beaujolais Nouveau” Fest to be held on November 21 at the St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya hotel, hall of the RoofTop Bar.

Beginning at 18.30.








“Novaya Ploschad” Business Center

Maliy Cherkasskiy pereulok str.2, Moscow

“Lubyanka” Subway station






The NBM participants are offered rooms at  St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya 5*, located at: 12 Nikolskaya street

Until  October 18 each participant can reserve a single room at a special price -

The hotel is a minute walk from the venue and a few minutes walk from the Kremlin and the Red Square. This is a historic building at a unique location on the Lubyanka Square, built in the 1870s. It has a rich history which begins at the times it was the residence of Count Orlov-Davydov. Hotel website –

Room reservation form is sent together with the invoice for the registration fee payment

For detailed information on registration and conditions of participation contact Tatyana Marshalek:

+7 (495) 988 29 89, +7 (495) 507 35 60


List of participations NBM


Ingosstrakh - General Partner of the November Business Meetings of reinsurers

Scor - Партнер Ноябрьских Деловых Встреч перестраховщиков.
Information partner of the November business meetings of reinsurers Information partner of the November business meetings of reinsurers Information partner of the November business meetings of reinsurers